View Full Version : Radiosity vrs. Pathtracing

Dan Ritchie
04-13-2015, 10:48 AM
Radiosiy looks cool, especially if you live in a world where everything has a bisque surface. Pathtracing is similar, but gets other effects for free.




For roughly the same price of brute force radiosity rendering, or maybe less because it's a very efficient algorithm, basically ray marching and texture lookup, shading is free, you get a lot extra realism.

Radiosity gives us soft shadows and bounce light.

Path tracing gives us soft shadows and bounce light, realistic specular highlights and reflections, soft or sharp reflections, automatically energy preserving reflections, caustics, realistic transparency (light beams don't split into two, they either bounce, or transmit) and a lot of things can be folded into the antialiasing passes, so you don't do extra work to reduce noise. Time is also saved because all these things don't have to be calculated or faked separately. Lighting setups become much simpler, less TD time is spent on them, and they start to resemble light setups in the real world, which improves realism that much more. Animators are less frustrated, and don't have to joke about bringing their sleeping bags in with them to work. Ok, that will still happen, but everything else is cool.

04-14-2015, 04:27 AM
Thanks, Ritchie, for this explaining!
I personally choose the pathtracing. Word by Newtek now :D