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04-12-2015, 01:46 AM

I often put weightmaps on terrain objects, they have a texture on them or I have a backdrop image showing where different things are, and I need to put on some weights to control FiberFX grass or instances, but I want to see the texture or backdrop so I know where I put the weights, but when I turn on weightshade in modeler I cannot see the texture or backdrop any more.

Any one has a good idea on how to be able to do that ? yes I can put weightshade on in one viewport and show the textures or backdrop in another and that helps a little bit but it is still annoying, I pretty much have to put the weight on blind because I have to choose to see the weights or the texture/backdrop.

04-12-2015, 07:03 AM
TrueArt's Modeling Pack
has tools Show Weights and Show Edge Weights for displaying weight maps as numbers in viewport. This allows very precise adjustment.


Please watch video tutorial:

ps. LWSDK doesn't allow to draw solid colored geometry/triangles to Modeler viewport (in Layout it can).
So making "Weight Shade" simulator in viewports as 3rd party plugin is not possible (at least without cheating OpenGL).