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04-10-2015, 10:33 AM
I need some advice. I've included a pic from the internet that shows what the scene will look like. I'm almost finished with the android for a music video. The scene is an amalgam of the pic included and a scene from Minority Report where Tom Cruise is in that room where he's manipulating pictures with his hands of a crime scene. In my scene the android will be surround by glowing text,wireframe objects and translucent pictures. The text will be flying past the android, in front of and behind(everywhere horizontally and vertically). He will be moving pictures(video scenes actually) already in the scene with his hands. The camera will dolly in a full circle around the body starting at the feet and ending up at the torso and head, so the camera'a moving 360 degrees around the robot while moving up vertically.
My question is how? Can I create the text to do this in lightwave like I could in after effects? I want it to flicker and glow and dissolve digitally when the robot touches it. You can see from the pic basically what it will look like. In after effects I can use expressions and effects to create it, but if I put the scene in after effects can I get that 3D effect with text around him. In lightwave it would look exactly how I want it to as long as I can create text and pictures that can pixellate, glow and dissolve.
Basically can I create after effects effects for text in LW? Are there expressions inLW? I'll be back in the office at 5 pm to read responses. I may have to try a demo so you can better accurately see my problem. Thanks again.

04-10-2015, 01:00 PM

In LW,
You can map your text (imagesequence of animated text) onto some polygons surrounding the robot. Use an alpha to make the polys transparent except for the letters. you can use object dissolve to make all letter fade in or out. Pixellation is doable in LW but if you already made your sequence in AE you might as well use that I guess.


Cheers / Slartibartfast

04-10-2015, 02:29 PM
Maybe animate your text and symbols etc in after effects with glows, opacity expressions etc, then just map it on to geometry in lightwave on the luminosity/color and transparency channels.

Pretty much what slartibartfast said :)


04-10-2015, 04:13 PM
If you're comfortable with the tools in AfterEffects, that's probably the way to go, mapping them to objects with transparency (alpha channels) as described above.

Having said that, you can certainly create the text natively in LW and there are many, many ways to manipulate the surface textures for the text in LW, dissolving the various objects, etc.

I've attached a quick scene. The objects are full mesh objects, so can be placed, rotated, and sized as you need. Please note that VPR in 11.6.3 doesn't represent the surfaces well, and is confused by the dissolves. You'll want to render an animation to see the various effects.

The text was created in Modeler using MultiText and an input file, and the surface color, luminosity and transparency were animated using envelopes, a "noise" image map, and the Turbulence procedural. The initial stretching of the text was done with an envelope on the Y scale. The dissolve was done with an envelope on the Object Properties=>Render panel Dissolve. The color change during the dissolve was enveloped in the surface color panel. Glow is enabled in the Advanced tab of the Surface Editor, and must also be enabled in the Effects=>Processing tab (CTRL-F8).

As I said before, though, if you're comfortable with the toolset in AE, that's probably the way to go.


04-10-2015, 07:30 PM
Pretty nice. I let it loop about fifteen times, I was so fascinated by the effect.

04-10-2015, 08:34 PM
Don't you want to utilize the export to After Effects function of Lightwave so you can render out the robot and do everything else in After Effects?