View Full Version : [Anniversary] 30 years of Amiga! Celebrations are being prepared in USA and Europe

Raffaele Amigan
04-06-2015, 11:24 AM
On july, 23, 1985 Commodore unveiled to world the Amiga model 1000, in a memorable event happening that took place in Lincoln Center in New York.
Father in law of Amiga was artist Andy Warhol, and mother in law was actress and singer Debbie Harry, leader and vocalist of music group Blondie.

It has been passed 30 years since then and so many things happened. Despite of all its misadventures Amiga is still here in various incarnations (AmigaOS, MorphOS and Open Source AROS), and groups of hobbyists users worldwide are preparing celebrations for the anniversary.

Two main events are being prepared:

First one in USA, at Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

Second one will take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe.

As long as Newtek in the past has being deeply tied to Amiga, thanks to the first VideoToaster card, and Amiga owes many of its fortunes to the creations of Newtek group, which also helped to keep alive the platform with its beautiful software Lightwave 3D, it will be a pleasure and a honor for us remaining loyal amigans, if Newtek representatives will attend the celebrations.

Is also intended that all actual Videotoaster and Lightwave owners are also welcome to visit the events too. No matter if they are former amigans or they have never heard of this platform as they are PC owners.
All who loved Amiga and anyone who want to know more about computer history thru Amiga are equally welcome too. The more, the merrier. :thumbsup:


Computer History Museum event in Mountain View, will took place on Saturday, July, 25, 2015, but warning...!
It relies on the success of a kickstarter fund raising donation campaign.
Check its site from time to time to be sure organization staff will match the goal of raising 20.000 dollars so you will get informed that the event will really take place:


Europe: 30 years event in Amsterdam has already settled a precise date and location:

"The Lighthouse" Location, Amsterdam, Netherlands on June 27, 2015


Stay tuned for any further infos.
I will post regular updates and also Youtube videos of the events when they took place.