View Full Version : 3rd Powers LWBrush "Kinfe Tool" will not cut through selected polygons only

04-05-2015, 12:21 PM
Hi Guys

I was using the 3rd Powers LWBrush "Knife Tool" and came to realize that it doesen't work with selected polygons. Like the images shown below:

127740 127741

I tried this with the knife tool that's build into modeler (modelers native knife tool) and it works with selected polygons. Check out the image below:

127742 127743

Wondering if this is a bug or if LWBrush's Knife tool isn't capable of doing this. If not I hope the 3rd Powers group can add this in their next update


04-07-2015, 12:38 PM
I to was curious about the knife tool not being able to cut through a single polygon.
Have sent an email to 3rd Powers and asked them to comment. Hopefully they will reply.
Will post the reply.
In the mean time what follows may or may not be of use to you .
I created a single polygon square.
Obviously the knife tool will not make a cut through it from one side to the other.
But If you now apply the thickener tool to the polygon and give the polygon a very
small amount of thickness then the knife tool WILL then slice through the polygon ok.

I then created a multi polygon object [simple square divided] and selected a single polygon.
Again the knife tool will not make a cut through the single/selected polygon from one side to the other.
Applied the thickener tool to the selected polygon [tiny amount] and found that the knife tool still
would not cut through the selected polygon.
So I cut the selected polygon and pasted it into a separate layer and im pleased to say that the knife tool
DID cut through the polygon in the second layer.
All I did then was cut and past the resulting polygon back into layer one.
This has ben a use full exersize for me to try an find a work around and can see uses
for this procedure. Hope you and others find it usefull to.
Regards KEN.

04-07-2015, 01:49 PM

Thanks for the tip.

You can also do the following like one of the newtek members mentioned. I'm sure there are lots of other ways and tricks to use. I was just suggesting this shouldn't work this way and hopefully 3rd powers will fix it soon.

Select geometry
Hit "+" to hide all other geometry
Use Knife tool to make cut
Hit "\" to show all geometry