View Full Version : LW3d group should start a Feature REQ thread they update

04-04-2015, 03:18 PM
Just saw this over at http://allegorithmic.uservoice.com/forums/261284-substance-painter?filter=hot&page=6
They not only use it as a research tool to help form decisions from their userbase but also give feedback on progress
i.e. In progress, Planned, started etc. Take a long hard look at this. It would go a huge way toward bringing the already tight community together more and also does the research for you guys to figure out which order to develop items first in the next revisions. The voting system rocks.


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Oh and as follow up... My first one would be Substance support integrated with the nodal shader.. other then just using exported maps from SD/SP.
All the engines are starting to support this directly and so does maya/max/modo and such..