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04-01-2015, 02:32 PM

so i'm back with the question of whats the best render node you can build?
Here is a website i found that has been a real resource allowing me to see whats what with the different cpus and see all the specs easily.

mulitcore speed is the benchmark to eyeball as some of the comparisons dont make sense for rendering tasks.

for instance - i saw i5-4690k for sale at frys for 219 - thats great until i looked it up and found it does not support hyper threading and had lower memory support (less pci lanes) Lanes are an issue - the more the better at least 40 if your going to have dual monitors - and as you might surmize - the higher costing cpu's have the higher lanes. SO these guys all sporting dual or trippple gpus need motherboards and cpu that can support it which means having to consider cpu's with large lanes.

I didn't even know about lanes until someone pointed it out.

so - even though it's showing mutli core statistic at 1100 to 600 intel to amd almost double performance - it's at maybe triple the price to get it.
Does 8 real cores trump 12 ht cores? apparently not if it's amd cores.

Bottom line - is how much - it seems you get almost twice the computing power from the intel 5930 vs the top of the line amd 8 core. The price of the two cpus is double but the intel requries ddr4 and a $250 minimum mobo

For me- i want as much computing power as i can get in one computer without busting the bank.
the difference is about triple in cost though - Plus some futureproofing when i get two titan z's in it. =) Buy one now, and then in two years get another for half off =)
By spending alittle more today - in two years it'll still make the machine usable by adding the second graphics card with a cpu that supports it - (40 pci lanes vs 28 on the cheaper one)
How much pci lanes affect performance though ----- this is something i have not been able to ascertain yet.

the intel is twice as much but you have to use ddr4 and the mobo is much more. So when your done
instead of a 700 buck computer it's around 1200 (without a video card).

what do you guys make of this website?

p.s. just type in the cpu into the search and you can compare it to the top cpu's - so pretty much any workstation you come across you can now judge vs the top amd or intel offering
i hope this helps you guys make more informed decisions on getting workstations =)

04-01-2015, 11:42 PM
Even though the Intel might be slightly faster in rendering, most of the time you spend 2x the amount on hardware for that slight performance. I would pick what price you want to spend on your machine and make the best possible out of that budget. Make sure you also get things that you can move to another machine in the future and might help the overall performance now. Like an SSD for the boot and program location over a normal HD. If you are getting a Titan then CPU rendering might be moot if you decide on a GPU renderer.