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03-27-2015, 04:44 PM
I'm having some trouble adding geometry and mirroring. In the photos I bandsaw across the arm vertically or knife it to add geometry and i get this strange merging of polygons. When I leave sub-d and in polygonal mode it looks fine. I see in the statistic panel I have one problem polygon and it looks like a point. Before the cut its fine in sub-d and polygonal. Any ideas? I have the pic of the android , real basic and I'm working on the arm.

Secondly when I mirror the arm shape I get this weird geometry in the pic with 2 vertices. It only happens when I mirror. Any ideas on this?

Finally I want the body and arms to be recessed like the shoulder cap and install circuitry. So I shape the polygons w/ the drag tool and smooth shift twice and pull the geometry inwards. I want a nice edge not too smooth or sharp. I go back and forth in sub-d to polygonal so I can check the geometry. Almost every time I have polygons overlapping and I untangle them, then go back to sub-d. My problem is I'm having a hard time going from the organic shape of the body then adding hard edges on the chest and arm. I want the muscular to look less organic and more like it's made from plastic polymer or steel. I want the outline of detail to be sharper... I hope I'm making sense. Any good tutorials or suggestions?
Thanks again guys.

03-27-2015, 05:04 PM
If it's only happening when you're mirroring, are you using CC subdivision? If so, you should know that mirroring with CC's, at least in LightWave, gives undesirable results. First off, I wouldn't recommend using CC subdivision unless you really desire to use one of its features like edge sharpening. Traditional LW Sub-d's will be more then adequate for your purposes.

If you're ending up with 2 point polys, simply use the + sign in the statistics panel next to 2 point polys and use the delete key to get rid of them.

As far as creating softer or sharper detail with subdivision surfaces, It's all a matter of the spacing of your edges. Edges close together will form a sharper edge while edges spaced further apart allows more smoothing to happen in between the edges. You also want your poly loops to follow major detail lines so that if you were to run a bandsaw or add another edge in to tighten up an area, that it follows the path of your surface contours.

In my signature, there is a link to some of my tutorials which focus on modeling on YouTube, they may be helpful on understanding hard surface modeling vs organic. I have a 5 part dolphin modeling tutorial and also have a tutorial on modeling a computer speaker so between those, it may answer some questions for you.

03-27-2015, 05:06 PM
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03-27-2015, 05:10 PM
Activate polygon selection mode and then have a look at your statistics panel to see how you are doing. Then get rid of the bad ones as explained in the prevoius post.

There are several tools for placing edges ... Have a look at he details tab under edges.


03-28-2015, 03:00 PM
I solved the problem, but do not understand the why. When looking at the POLYGON statistic panel it had 4 polygons with more than 4 sides. When I clicked the plus sign it activated 4 points, not polys . That threw me because the stat panel was for polygons not points. I resolved the problem by hitting P making it a polygon and then deleting it. Somehow I created extra geometry but it's appearing as a grey line round the polygon and shows up as points. Has that ever happened to anyone and why?
Thanks again