View Full Version : unity or unreal work

03-19-2015, 05:48 PM
Has anyone done anything with unity or unreal that we can take a peak at? Big or small.

Tell us alittle of your workflow with lightwave?

03-19-2015, 06:32 PM
so, quick question - is there a way to go from UNity or unreal - into lightwave?
so say you have set up this great scene - Can you unload it the entire thing into a fbx file and bring it into lightwave surfaces and all?

03-19-2015, 06:53 PM
It has fbx and obj export but I am not sure of the extent of what transfers.

03-19-2015, 07:03 PM
Unity 5 has a FBX exporter? We use a FBX script at work for unity3 to export to FBX so we can animate according to unity scene. I'll see if I can find a link.

03-19-2015, 08:14 PM
Unreal exports to FBX but I don't know about Unity.

03-20-2015, 07:16 AM
I never tried it but there was a pathway to export FBX from Unity. I will have to look through my OneNote to see if I can find my notes on it (I think I saw it at a SXSW panel by the Unity guys like 3 years ago).

Quick Google search turned this up on GitHub: https://gist.github.com/mstevenson/6159107. Looks like a plugin you can download but I literally just found it and haven't tried it. I will try later tonight.