View Full Version : Daz3d 4.7 installation procedure with DIM, dissapointing way of installing.

03-19-2015, 06:52 AM
Hi guys, thought I should do a new installation of daz3d 4.7 on a portable computer, I am not at home and donīt want to connect
my portable computer to the place I am at for downloading and installing, the problem is that there seem to be no way to download daz studio and transfer the software to usb card and then copy it to my laptop and install it there, the reason is that it needs the DIM installation management which then connects online to fetch the daz studio software..

I just donīt like the way they changed installation to this more complex and in need of internet connection on the same machine you want to install on, this sucks.

Guess I have to wait til I get home, but I wanted to take care of it right now.