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03-11-2015, 05:51 AM
Hey everyone.

This is sth I am curious about, so I've decided to make a small test and see how people "see" things. I'm not a doc, just a curious guy so if you have spare 5 min do the test I'm presenting here.

I want you to be part of my control group. I have prepared 4 images I want you to look at.

You will also be asked during one of the sample images, what do you see when looking at it.

Image 1 (Tester) - open it, preferably in a dark room with only the screen on (for better contrast and elemination of any glare from lights) and stare at it for 1 minute:


How do you see it? Is it perfectly clear with no white bleeding on the black and easy to look at?

The way you might see the text, which is really hard to look at is that it has a sort of "glow" around itself. Do you see it that way, or not?

Here is a simple graphical impression of of how some ppl told me they see the first "tester" image.

NOTE: It is an exaggeration. Normally the "glow" seen around it is actually very slight. This image is only to exagerrate and clearly show what thing we're talking about. Not talking about streaks, rainbow halos, blurriness, or some sort of doubling of the letters, we're talking about diffusion, or "glow".



To further explain the phenomena. Here is a picture of an LCD alarm clock face.

It shows, also in a bit of an exagerration of what kind of effect I'm talking about. Exagerration if we talk about the first image, though yes, this picture perfectly represents how I see digits on an LCD alarm clock face, if you ever see or seen an LCD clock in the dark... does it also look like that to you? (Ignore the watermark obv):


and here's a nice effect of "streaks" from the clock LEDs. I'm showing this image too, because this is NOT the effect I'm talking about. Streaks are usually seen when ppl squint their eyes, so no, I'm not talking about this kind of effect:



Thank you for the participation
Before giving an answer under this post, please also include these 4 points for the details:

1 - your eye color
2 - do you have any vision problems? Glasses?
3 - What kind of screen did you test this on?
4 - What was the environment around you while testing, dark or bright?

03-11-2015, 07:20 AM
It looked defined with no glow once I cleaned my glasses.

1.Dark nearly black eyes
2. I wear Glasses for astigmatism and nearsightedness
3. A high quality HP 27inch and a cheap samsung 19 inch
4. daytime one window on the side, one wall lamp on.

03-11-2015, 07:59 AM
Interesting post! :)

1. Bluey/Grey/Green (sorry, but they are a mix, and even some brown around the middle)
2. No glasses, but I'm Red/Green Colour-blind (but I CAN still see Red and Green... it's a very mild colour-blindness)
3. Cheap HP Monitor 17"
4. Bright office environment, all artificial lighting

So, when staring at it for a minute, I get the opposite of your 'impression' image. For some reason the white text ends up 'sitting' on almost a drop shadow type effect. As soon as I move my view, it reverts.

Not sure what that means, but will try in a dark enviroment too.

03-11-2015, 08:04 AM
Thanks for the input and keep it coming guys. And ofc be honest, as in don't worry if you see it different than "most". So far it's 50/50 from my survey outside this forum. To me, I believe our brain is very important in HOW actually we see things.

As for your result lardbros, I've had some ppl describing it like this, basically the inverse thing you said though they'd add that they see the "glow" below and at times above the text in some sort of a "line" (the horizontal kind you have when you have "optical flare" though ofc much much more subtle).

PS. - yes having blue/grey eyes myself I am also slightly colorblind though not all the tests would show it. In China they called it "color weakness" when they diagnosed it in me at first. I think such name is more appropriate than "color blind" which makes ppl think we can't distinguish the two colors at all xD but that's another topic.

03-11-2015, 08:22 AM
No glow and no bleed, but after 20 seconds or so, I started seeing a very thin (about 1 pixel) blueish line on the right edge of the S, the K, and the D.

03-11-2015, 01:19 PM
Sorry... I posted it first and then edited it. I did try to say how I saw it.
How funny... Is eye colour linked to colour weakness?
I'm certain my colour weakness (much better description of the issue) isn't that severe. My colour perception is fine, and I can even mix colours. I've always been convinced that it's not just my rods lacking certain cells that causes the issue, but the way my brain interprets the information, as I've found in the past, that I can learn colours.

03-11-2015, 01:27 PM
Tried it again in a pitch black room, but on my phone screen.

I get a similar effect to the one above.
The text stays the same brightness, but the background seems to become slightly lighter and then I get the drop shadow type effect behind the text that I had before. So, white text, black drop shadow on each letter and a slightly lighter than black background.

I almost detected a hue to the drop shadow too... But this could just be the tendency to have a slight colour shift of the white, on a phone screen... Maybe?

Enjoying this test though, it's fascinating!

03-11-2015, 01:48 PM
Is eye colour linked to colour weakness? <- heard it is, but again, I'm no doc. I only know that in a Chinese clinic the day they've discovered it in me, I was the only person among like 200 other ppl to have blue eyes, and also color weakness during that hour. So I'm willing to believe it. Think wiki says "European origin blue eyed men" which definitely fits me, and I mean the red-green which is supposedly the most common one too. I've also heard that ppl with brighter eyes are more photosensitive than ppl with dark eyes.

I believe that our kind of color weakness is more like testable but not meaningful in life - never had an idea I had it till diagnosed when I was 26 already. I tried those Ishihara tests with some ppl without color blindness. I might once start another thread to show you since I still keep the samples. But there were some really convoluted examples with animals (not letters) where I did a similar test to the one in the topic and ppl were amazed how many of them turned out colorblind by the test (buddy involved whole office including his company boss in it xD everyone got curious)... later it turned out, those tests were just very hard when it came to "shape recognition" which didn't have much to do with color blindness, hence why some tests are just too hard for ppl to see while the usual "numbers" tests are enough.

Bottom line is, I feel our color weakness is benign and only sth like "trait", I also read that ppl who are color weak like us see better in the dark. I am a vampire so ofc that would fit me too. That our eyes color recognition was evolutionarily replaced with night vision boost to better adjust to the environment. Again, not a scientist myself, so it's not all carved in stone.

As for the Ishihara tests themselves, my testing with a control group of ppl gathered from around the world (around 30 ppl I know not much) showed mostly that:
Ishitara has like "levels" of difficulty, and the more convoluted the example is, the less it tests color blindness and more it actually tests shape recognition.
Ishihara number tests usually are the best from my exp, better than ones that use animals or other shapes since we all know what to expect when looking for a number and colorblind and non colorblind ppl have less chance to get confused by the test and get wrong result.

Yes I will publish the whole result of ppl participating in this here on forum later on, I'm still curious what will the proportions/results look in the end like.

PS. The idea to do this test was when I started playing Sins of a Solar Empire (before applying a font mod) on 1080p res on 27 inch screen... and I just couldn't stand the bright yellow/white bold techno font on the black background. Read about web design and color themes choices, then saw that not all ppl can deal with bright on black text well and then decided I want to make a small experiment.

03-12-2015, 12:05 AM
1 - your eye color
2 - do you have any vision problems? Glasses?
A slight astigmatism, getting slightly far sighted, color blind (Protanopia, with a slight hyper sensitivity to blues) and a little bit of damage from diabetes.
3 - What kind of screen did you test this on?
4 - What was the environment around you while testing, dark or bright?
led spot light over my right shoulder, incandescent over the left. Both at a distance and not that bright.

The longer I looked the more I could see the AA and the less sharp the edge was. Not a fuzzing, glow or haze, I could just more clearly see the pixels that had AA used on them at the edges. The far sightedness tends to lessen when I concentrate at close things, so that might be a part of it.