View Full Version : UI/UX guidelines document: 828 pages PDF //Improving the LW UI

03-09-2015, 02:00 PM
I was directed to this PDF resource when googling "when to use menus user interface".

Long URL link... (http://www.gregcons.com/KateBlog/ct.ashx?id=c2ab59d6-8a7a-47ed-be13-2cb267ac723d&url=http%3a%2f%2fdownload.microsoft.com%2fdownload %2fe%2f1%2f9%2fe191fd8c-bce8-4dba-a9d5-2d4e3f3ec1d3%2fux%2520guide.pdf)

Seems like a good thing. There's a list on page 6 that needs close attention by the devs.

Just for starters, #16. Don't be annoying , (ha, ironic ain't it?) jumped out at me, as I feel there's a number of places where the LW UI asks for virtually redundant confirmations, i.e. "YES, I want to load those settings, that's WHY I double clicked on the damn icon."

At the very least, allow the annoyance to be modulated by the ALERT SETTING, letting experienced users skip these rather pointless speed bumps.