View Full Version : iDrector's Gareth Edwards (Godzilla) considers most 3D Apps "Not Artist Friendly"

03-07-2015, 11:51 AM
Before doing movies like Monsters & Godzilla, Director Gareth Edwards came to prominence for his one man VFX efforts for the BBC movie Atilla:

One Man Army... Attila the Hun Trailer & Visual Effects Breakdowns

And the work he did for his latest project has landed him the director chair of the new American remake of Godzilla:

Here is an interview he gave in 2010 to post Magazine.

Director's Chair: Gareth Edwards - 'Monsters'

POST: You are a big Adobe user. Would you have been able to do as much yourself with another set of tools?

EDWARDS: “When I try to learn other software I get frustrated that it doesn’t work the way the software I use does, so I abandon it and go back to what I know. Software is written by engineers, and it seems like sometimes they do things because it’s easy instead of listening to artists. To be honest, all 3D software is like that; it works more like a mathematician created it, not an artist. I find that with After Effects, it’s like an artist has had a lot of input on how to use it. Fundamentally, it works the way my brain works.”