View Full Version : Recording MultiChannel from TC8000 with ProMAX

03-04-2015, 12:16 AM
Hi All,

I want to share with you all, on how to record MultiChannels (ISO) to a ProMAX NAS.
One of the limitation we have on all Tricasters are there is only 1 Gbit ethernet port on it. So if we try to record 8 streams of HD Video via the 1Gbit, there's a chance of it to fail...

What I have to do get around this is by actually use 2x TC8000 and connect both to the ProMAX.
on TC8000 #1, I record CAM1 thru 4 on to the mounted ProMAX Volume, and Cam 5-7+PGM on its local hardisk
on TC8000 #2, I record CAM1 thru 4 on to its local hardisk, and Cam 5-7+PGM onto the mounted ProMAX Volume

The result if everything goes well, I have a complete set of the show (Cam1-7+PGM) on the ProMAX and a backup on 2 sets of Hardisks. Should the network recording fails I still have a complete backup on the Hardisks.

Having all the files in the ProMAX is big help, we don't have to go sift through the files to manage from several hardisks... and you can edit straight away.

My hope that Newtek will add at least 1 more GBit port or 10Gbit port.

btw: ProMAX rocks!! :) this is probably the best NAS you can use with Tricasters :)

Djundi Karjadi
PT Interindo MultiMedia