View Full Version : Error Log File?

John Phillips
03-02-2015, 08:03 PM
Hi there,

Like many other users on this forum, we are having huge issues with the "dropped frames on recording/playback" error burning us on multiple productions. We've gone through four 425s and now on our second 440.

I am attempting to replicate our production scenario as much as I can in order to thoroughly test the unit and find the source of the issue but since the dropped frames error is intermittent and also seems to be cumulatively worse the longer you're in record, it's a huge time waste for me to sit at the CS for hours and put it through it's paces to see if the error comes up. It's also very frustrating as the error appears on screen only briefly so if I happen to miss it, well... you get the idea.

I'm wondering if anyone knows where log files are saved on the system. I'm sure it has to log errors somewhere so it would be nice to access that just to confirm whether or not the error occurred in the recording during my testing.

If you know how to access the error logs in the system please let me know.


John Phillips
iLink Media Group
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada