View Full Version : 3DConnexion CadMouse

02-28-2015, 08:26 AM
Anyone seen this? Purchased it? Tried it?


03-02-2015, 01:47 AM
Hmmm... I'm quite happy with my Logitech Performance MX and Anywhere MX. Having a proper third mouse button is not exactly new, before the scroll wheel was there mice either came in two- or three-button variants and in fact scrolling with the third button held in on my Amiga was better in some ways than a scroll wheel (similar to how holding the scroll wheel down works). The precision is nice and it seems a good shape, but there aren't enough buttons and I'll bet it's expensive. The context-sensitive menu button is probably great if your software doesn't already have something similar and i included in the menus that 3DConnexion provides.


03-02-2015, 02:59 AM
i like freakin lasers on my mouse-

laser mice - pretty accurate

03-03-2015, 02:20 PM
and I'll bet it's expensive.

$99 is more expensive than most mice, but hardly "break the bank" expensive. Given the added precision, the extra buttons (menu shortcut, and the four quickzoom ones), and other nice touches, the price seems pretty reasonable. Would have preferred a trackball, but still interesting.