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02-24-2015, 12:22 PM
Mizuchi is a rendering engine designed with the concept of physically based rendering as the foundation. Easily integrated into any engine, it brings world class real-time graphics to your application.

Physically Based Rendering
With Mizuchiís physically based rendering engine, users can easily achieve rich material expression that stands up under any lighting conditions in real-time. Materials that can be expressed includes, metal, wood, glass, cloth and leather.
High Customizability
Mizuchi provides an easily customizable rendering pipeline to meet the various needs of any project. Design and build your own rendering pipeline.

Users can benefit from beautiful and realistic visuals by replacing the rendering component of their game engine with Mizuchi.

Mizuchi provides seamless workflow from DCC tools to runtime.

1. Export popular texture and model file formats created from paint and DCC tools
2. Author material and lighting using Mizuchi editing tool
3. Export scene to a custom Mizuchi scene format and use it in the Mizuchi runtime

■ In Game Rendering Engines
- Integrate Mizuchi rendering engine for new game titles.
- Replace rendering component for existing game engines.
■ Interactive Visualization Application in Building/Industrial Products.
- High quality rendering comparable to offline rendering.
- Design and visualization products using our rich material system.

Silicon Studio provides support for custom builds as per client request. We can also provide development support for new technology, such as new BRDF shading models or wet surface shading.
Mizuchi can be utilized in various fields from games and movies to architectural and automobile visualization. Whether it is accuracy or performance, Mizuchi can meet your needs. Academic and research organizations are also welcome!

It is becoming necessary to have a wide range of top quality techniques such as shading, post processing effects and lighting in real-time rendering solutions for the current generation.
Mizuchi is a real-time rendering graphics middleware that brings together technology at the highest level. With physically based rendering, movie level post processing effects and high resolution material technology which stands up to close inspection, makes it possible to achieve new heights in graphics.

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Thanks for posting

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Are you planning to support Alembic? And it was not clear but can you import FBX animations?

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That's very interesting...