View Full Version : Autoplay/Follow for MEs

02-23-2015, 08:55 PM
Hi guys,

Something I'd really like to see is some more options around autoplay and audio follow, particularly for 8000 users. On our 8000 we run dual program outputs which run a ~32:9 screen (left side/right side). We run program/preview out of output 1 for one side, and M/E1 out of output 2 for the other side. Since the other side is slightly oddly sized we use M/E1 as a positioning/sizing bus, and have it (in part) take a feed from M/E2 which is what we do switching for that side of screen on. For operation we switch one side with program/preview, and the other with the control surface delegated to M/E2. What this means is any DDR/etc that we put to line on M/E2 does not know it's to line, and therefore autoplay doesn't work, nor does audio follow.

If there was a way to maybe mark M/Es as Program in addition to the existing Program bus that would probably solve this issue.