View Full Version : The Return of Preview/Program activation by clicking on input video

02-17-2015, 02:42 PM
This feature was removed when we upgraded to the 460 and is the same on 860s we've brought in for clients.

On our 850, by simply clicking once or twice on an input video (CAM 1-8, DDRs, Titles, Network, etc), it automatically assigns that channel to either preview (one click) or program (double-click). This was intuitive and, as it seen by Tricaster competitors, a natural way of quick, on-the-fly input selection.

Please bring this capability back. Currently, double-clicking brings up the configuration menu for the input, which is really only done once. The small gear is suitable for that work. Being able to click to select preview/program is especially helpful when fast-paced shows are being produced.