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02-17-2015, 09:11 AM
Just a heads up and a bit of workflow info... Denis Pontier has fixed a couple of bugs in his Motion Designer Pack, specifically MDD_Emitter and MCC_Emitter.

With massive amounts of particles, MDD_Emitter becomes very slow in screen updates due to reading the entire particle cache. It now reads just the frame you've scrubbed to (or something like that). It's much faster now.

With MCC_Emitter, the position of only dead particles was being "broadcast", meaning, applying Instancer in particle mode or HVs resulted in instances only showing up for one frame at the end of a particle's life. That's now been corrected.

For those not aware yet, baking out a particle sim to PFX for network rendering doesn't give you motion blurred instances or HVs when using single-pass photoreal MB. However, if you apply DP's Particle Scan displacement plug and "convert" a PFX to MDD and then disable/remove the FX plugin and replace it with DP's MDD_Emitter custom object plugin (selecting the resulting MDD file), you DO get single-pass particle motion blur (no more multi-pass, dithered MB with it's multiplicative render times and banded/stepped motion blur!).

HOWEVER, using MDD files with massive PFX sims (1/2 to 1 million particles - with upwards of 100K on screen at once) results in very long scene load times, as it appears the whole MDD file (upwards of several gigs in size) has to be loaded and scanned, though it's not actually loaded in-full during rendering or timeline scrubbing. It's a streaming format. ALSO, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, MDD_Emitter ceases emitting particles after about 200K have been emitted, even though the MDD contains far more than that (Denis says there is no inherent limitation in MDD or MDD_Emitter, but that is has to do with memory allocation limitations of the plugin).

On the other hand, using MCC as the Particle Scan output format with massive PFX sims of 30 to 60 second or longer durations results in normal scene loading times and much faster scene timeline scrubbing. The difference between the two is: MDD = a single file that can grow up to several gigs in size, while MCC = an XML file for EACH frame, each a few hundred KB in size, which is probably easier and faster on network traffic during net rendering. Using MCC_Emitter with MCC XML cache files eliminates the LIMITED particle emission issue MDD_Emitter has!

Workflow for MCC would be to create a subfolder in your VertCache content directory folder for all the individual XML files... the same as you would do for baking animated radiosity caches.

02-17-2015, 09:50 AM
Thanks for the update.

02-18-2015, 07:46 AM
"Denis Pontier" ?
.. his real name is : Denis Pontonnier


ps. he has updated some other tools for LW 2015 :


thanks @ master denis !


02-19-2015, 07:59 AM