View Full Version : Next San Francisco User Group Meeting

12-01-2003, 11:51 PM
Greetings, fellow Enlightened Wavers!

A friendly reminder to let you know our next meeting for the San Francisco Bay Area LightWave User's Group meeting is set for December 10, Wednesday at 7pm.

Location: BAVC (Bay Area Video Coalition). www.bavc.org for location and directions.

Last month's inaugural meeting was pretty cool. We have some really talented people in our midst! This month's meeting should be a bit cooler - we'll be discussing, of course, all things LightWave!

Don't forget to bring your WIP's (and Chains!). I've been working on a character and even animated the little critter. I have some more stuff to show as well.

See you December 10th!


03-06-2015, 06:01 PM
I'm going to San Francisco, to make up for and celebrate my long-lost & forgotten [birthday+christmas+NYE of 2014] all-in-one. It was a velly sheety summer here. I will probably meet more humans in san fran compared to what i have met here during my entire lifetime in Oz. In ways, this is definitely going to be an epic attempt to break out of my hermit closet here. I will be there across 27th March - 11th April this year ...and I need to think of things-to-do during the weekdays. I want to do the telegraph hill coit tower thingy, in reverse - to climb UP the 400 stairs, not DOWN!! I don't think i can run it, but I feel confident it will probably not make me puff out that much, like ...a piece of cake! When i get to the top of the stairs, I am going to look for something to [yay! i did it! <hi-5 slap>] ...similar to the Rocky movie, where Rocky punches his fits into the air and jumps around with victory in daggy looking tracksuit pants. Actually, I will probably be listening to the Rocky theme music or Eye of The Tiger song on my ipod, if I have to do that crazy adventure, solo. Risky as fook with complete strangers I guess, but I won't be completely LW-ishly alone there, so trying to wing some kind of crazy-commiseration-party-celebration there with other LW/3D kin - would be nice. Well, anywayz - I'm definitely making a CRAZY CAKE when i'm there. Something chocolately, with morello cherries and cream ...something, black forest-ish ..but, I want to push the envelope with that creation! I am prepared to go the mile, with a blue LW logo icing on top ...but I dunno, it could end up being a portrait of a blue cookie monster instead. It really depends on what mood I'm in on the day! Yep. I'm going to have a crazy cake party there, that's for sure. I will take photos, so <shrugs> :D

03-08-2015, 11:18 AM
Have a fun and great time in SF. It's a great city. I still consider that area home even though I've lived in Southern California since 99.