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12-01-2003, 10:34 PM
I have a question to anyone who can answer it. At our studio we have 6 copies of Lightwave 7.5 and we are upgrading to sever soon. I would like to know if I could install one copy of Lightwave on the server and have everyone load it off the network. Do I need a special copy of lightwave to distribute out the license codes or can I use a standard copy and put everyone’s key codes in one file? Is this a viable option to keep all the plugins and config files in the same spot for our small render farm?


Does anyone have any slick ways of setting up a render farm using lightnet to have all the computers on the network take advantage of the render farm. Do I need to have all the content in one central area so the drive letters all match up? Dose the master machine need to have lightwave installed or can I load it up over the network and make that node on a machine the master?

Well I hope that makes sense, I think I just confused myself
:D. Any answers would be much appreciated

12-02-2003, 12:51 AM
I wouldn't install LW on a server for the simple reason you are going to waste about 30% power due to the many more processes running on that server. Also I would expect some worries regarding graphics card related things. LW largely relies on OpenGL and may not like your server's graphics (OpenGL is normally initialized from the machine the app is started on and runs in local system context). From a strictly technical point of view LW will however run on you server machine but with the limitations mentioned before.

For networked rendering all you need to have is one drive accessible for all machines. You were right there. We use Muster here which can re-map drive letters so I don't know about Lightnet, but mapping your drive to the same letter on each machine may be required. Your configs can go anywhere you like as long as you tell the renderer where they are. It helps to have a special user account for rendering only whose directories are accessible from remote machines so you can manipulate config files if needed.

Hope that helped at least a little.