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12-01-2003, 06:49 PM
Warning: This information will only be of interest to those interested in aircraft or modeling aircraft.

The construction of the biggest airliner ever built, the Airbus A380, has begun. When completed this aircraft will be substantially bigger than a Boeing 747, the previous largest airliner.

Last Thursday the first section of fuselage of the gigantic Airbus A380 was hoisted into position at Airbus's assembly site in France.


The aircraft's huge nose cone is still being constructed.

Source of photos: Airbus Industrie

Maybe these images will assist anyone wanting to create accurate early 3D models of the A380.

The 3D models below were created by the I3M graphics company, sourced from the Airbus website:

http://www.airbus.com/multimediaelements/2327.jpg http://www.airbus.com/multimediaelements/52.jpg

http://www.airbus.com/multimediaelements/69.jpg http://www.airbus.com/multimediaelements/2328.jpg


I expect to see an Airbus A380 in the Lightwave gallery very soon!