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02-08-2015, 06:07 PM
12+ camera unit would be unreal. 14-16 would complete me. 24 "channels" of inputs is nice, but I/we/a lot of people need more hard line sources.
Leave ISO cording to 8 and everything else the same. 860 framework, not 8000. More inputs doesn't mean more everything, it doesn't have to be linear expansion. Just the cameras themselves would be life changing. 6RU is fine. $40-50k is fine.

Oh and 2 netowrk ports!

Thanks for listening!

02-11-2015, 09:03 AM
Brian, What kind of events are you doing that you would need a high camera input count like 14-16?

Just a thought, an 8000 and an approved router for control will give a high camera count right now for around $44k. For that matter, even a 860 and the Youngmonkey Master control with router control addon will get you a similar functionality of many many many more camera inputs. The big thing is whether or not you have to have all those cameras instantly available to your switcher or not. Creative macros and an independent monitor wall driven off the same router would be how I have done 14 camera inputs on a 860. Once it was setup, the TD didn't have to do too much thinking about the complexity.

A bigger monster from NewTek would be cool indeed but most (as in 98%) of our work involve less than 8 camera inputs as do most of our TriCaster clients.

Now the external Network ports.... Definitely! need 1 more
Network Inputs..... Definitely! need more... 2 or 4 more :)

02-26-2015, 07:59 AM
give me 6 total net inputs. and 16 SDI Inputs 6 independent outputs. then tricaster is playing with bigboy switchers, or well at least trolling Ross...

03-05-2015, 01:41 PM
I second Brian's request!! or some how if it's possible to tandem 2-3 TC8000 by creating some kind of high-speed buss between them.... (yeah might need a new Control Surface to go with that LOL :)
I am Newtek Distributor for Indonesia, and there are broadcasters that requires 12-24 Simultaneous SDI inputs (Camera) / Not via router choice for their production... We can easily beat the features of most Top Branded Switchers out there, but if they need more than 8, we're out...

and yes either dual ethernet Port or 1 10Ge or Fiber... for direct ISO to a Storage.