View Full Version : DFX+ keyed to lightwave dongle?

12-01-2003, 05:21 PM
I went to the learnlightwave seminar here in Atlanta this week and saw a guy running lightwave and DF at the same time from the same dongle and he acted shocked when I didn't. He said he got it as part of the recent promotion. Now to tell the truth I am confussed. I got my copy of DF through the upgrade promtion too, but I got a paralell port dondle and a $99 pricetag when I inquired about getting a USB dongle... what the heck? am I only person who got the paralel dongle? I like to use lightwave on my laptop and would use DF on my laptop too, but it doesn't have a LPT port. I moved DF to my Toaster box and it works like a champ. I was wondering if I bought a whole new seat of lightwave would it come with the DFX keyed to the dongle? anyone else out there recently get the upgrade deal? and if so how was your DF keyed?

12-01-2003, 05:45 PM
I don't remember where it was stated (bad brain), but the DFX+ deal included a DFX that was tied to your existing LW dongle. If you had parallel or USB -- whichever -- DFX+ was tied to it. It costs $95 to get it "separated".

The frist few DFX+ packages that shipped DID have an extra dongle, but THAT was the mistake. You weren't supposed to get an extra one.

12-01-2003, 08:25 PM
You know your absolutly right about the ad saying that the two were tied together which is why I was freaked out when the new dongle came. Oh well I guess it all worked out... now I just have to decide if I want to buy another copy for the laptop so I can keep it on the toaster or pay for the dongle switch.