View Full Version : Problem with Motion Blur and Dynamic Parenting together

02-04-2015, 03:28 PM
Hello I'm having trouble getting an object to motion blur when it changes position through dynamic parenting. The following image shows a two frame animation I've put together to illustrate the problem. (and project files below too)

The brown cube has no parent. It just moves from one position to the next, from frame 0 to frame 1. It is blurred just as I want and would expect.

The green cube is parented to the blue cube at frame 0, and then parented to the red cube at frame 1. It is not blurring.

I don't understand why? Am I missing some obvious setting or something? I apologise if this question/problem has been answered/solved before, I did not find anything through my searches.

Lightwave 9.6, Macbook Pro Retina, OS 10.8.5

Thanks! -stef



03-03-2015, 03:26 AM
I think I know why. I noticed that when I used dynamic parenting, I was getting a keyframe set to STEP, so the object would just jump drastically into place.
Go into the graph editor and change that keyframe to TCB. You should get your blur back.

I thought I could copy my whole set-up with Clone Hierarchy. NOPE! Parenter doesn't create a hierarchy. Any ideas?

I hope that helps.