View Full Version : 'pause' and babylon 5

01-24-2015, 05:26 PM
Dear Friends:

I have been watching babylon 5 lately. I am currently in season 4.
I love the cgi very much. I am very impressed for the cgi quality.
I always look forward to see the 3 seconds or whatever it is, the cgi segment.
I am very sad, that after a few seconds, the cgi stops, I wish I could see it
But I just realized !!! (stupid me), that if I just put the dvd in 'pause', then I
can see the cgi as long as I want to !!!
So from now on, I am gonna pause the dvd to enjoy the cgi.
I am so happy !!!!

01-25-2015, 07:04 AM
Or if you have a compositing software, after effects, adobe premiere, or use the free fusion..you might be able to rip the cgi parts on the whole episode, and edit and cut the cgi parts, then put on looping play..and even study frame by frame quite easy.

Babylon 5.. Itīs where I first heard of Lightwave, though I first noticed a computer magazine, canīt recall which one though, but it had some vorlon ship or minbari ship, and a laser beem shooting out or something, and I thought..wow...checked it closer and read in the article about
Lightwave, and shortly after that the Babylon 5 series begun.

I have been more fascinated of the Story/theme around Babylon 5 than any other scifi-show, so Galactica comes after babylon 5..story wise at least,
stargate and star-trek too, defiance...it goes to the bottom.