View Full Version : video camera at 350 to 500 ?

01-22-2015, 12:19 AM

a frind of mine needs a video camera for some kind of personal training. It is not about fitness. She helps people to better present themselves in public situations. E.g. how to leave a good impression in a job interview or how to act in front of the audience during a presentation. For this work she searches for a video camera. As she often helps people on the poorer end of the society and therefore does not earn much, it must be an affordable model? Can you recommend a model in the price range of 350 to 500 . It would be used inhouse mostly (option to attach a light?). I don't think there is much need for editing the recordings. Mainly she would record video and sound in one go and like to playback directly on a tv screen or maybe a projector. The camera is not intended for still photography.

Thanks for feedback.

Or do you know another place or forum where I should ask this question?