View Full Version : How to Fix Pixel Blending Lines on UV Edge?

01-14-2015, 03:21 AM
i'm looking to a way to simulate the effect of Pixel Blending with Nodes. Any Idea?

Lightwave Pixel Blending is necessary to smooth my 16 bits displacement Texture but it appears some edges where UV maps meet.
A know that i can scale a bit my UVs to push the Pixel Blending Line outside my UVS but maybe, in 2015, there is a smart way.

Thank you for your suggestion!

01-14-2015, 03:29 AM
EDIT: re-read your post and I guess it's not about baking, but the pixel blending of the texture map it's self? if so ignore me :) but the content aware fill thing in photoshop should still work for you.

Is this when baking out UV maps?

There is a UV Border setting in the surface baking camera that will cause it to render beyond the UV boundaries to stop the background being pulled in by the antialiasing.

Doesn't work well though if using things like ambient occlusion because the over-drawn pixels won't be shaded so I usually just render without the UV border being changed from 0, and then in photoshop, select all the background areas of the image (using the alpha) and use content aware fill to fill in the background and this will pretty much remove any black lines.