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01-12-2015, 07:11 PM
I wish I could show the talent the actual real time run times on our shows. I can see it up by the record button but it sure would help for them to see it. In dual screen mode you can display a normal clock. Just needs to be a run time clock

01-13-2015, 07:46 AM
With your 460 running latest software, you should see the option to send the clock to a Display Port output for instance, and this does show run time if you had first set Start and End times for the show.


Jeff Pulera
Safe Harbor Computers

01-14-2015, 07:52 PM
Thanks I will give that a try

01-15-2015, 08:00 AM
The clock does show run time, however I can't get it to display on an output. It will show up on the multiview display only.

01-15-2015, 03:39 PM
As far as I'm aware, you can only display the clocks on monitors connected to the nVidia GPU (interface, multiview or in the case of the TC Mini the case display).

01-16-2015, 08:36 AM
As always, Kane appears to be correct on this one! We have a Mini HD-4i and the clock (by itself) can ONLY be sent to the case display. However, not seeing any clock options for Display outputs, or for clock alone on MultiView (only as part of multi-screen). In my defense...I have seen some flip-flopping with recent software releases for 460 regarding WHAT can be shown on what monitors, has seemed to change between software releases so I do get confused when doing demos and training. Options keep morphing ;-)



02-06-2015, 02:58 PM
I agree with TPUC here. I think it would be great if I could show my start/end time or the production clock to my talent. We usually use our Output 2 to send to our talent, it would be cool if I could somehow key the time over that feed or something. Not a huge thing but sure would be helpful.