View Full Version : Dancing the Nights Away

01-05-2015, 08:35 AM
Not sure when this happened as I visit their website infrequently but it looks like Credo Interactive are being generous with some of their software. Sorry if it has been posted here already. They have released as a free download Dance Forms 2 and the library Rhonda Ryman's Ballet Moves II. Both Windows and Mac versions are available at the first link below. The page says "Note that DanceForms 2 is functionally equivalent to Life Forms 5" so there's a possibility another fine company producing good software may not survive these harsh times. Effectively they are giving away Lofe Forms 5, which is a pretty nifty program in of itself. For anyone not familiar with Life Forms the second link below gives more detail about the software. Remember to also download the Lightwave plugins from the third link below.

It might not be the best news for the company but it is great news for Lightwave (and lesser 3d software :D ) users.

Download link for Dance Forms 2

More information on Life Forms.