View Full Version : "World Spheres" for radiosity, background and reflection ?

01-02-2015, 08:56 AM

I am fiddeling with a room exercise.

At the moment I am testing illumination by two "world-spheres" whose normals point inwards.
They are mapped with a HDR image.

I am not sure about how to light the visible sphere which is for the background and the reflection.

What I did so far:

I made two spheres:

The radiositiy sphere is:

Unseen by Rays
Unseen by Camera
but contributes to radiosity (Luminosity is between 200% and 300% in my current trials)
the other surface values are all set to zero

The reflection / background sphere is

unseen by radiosity
but visible to the camera and rays
the surface values are all set to zero
only the luminosity is set to around 100%

I have one distant light to create the shadows (both spheres are excluded from this light).

My question is if this is conceptionally correct? Mainly I am unsure if it is correct to make the reflection sphere visible by giving it a luminosity value.