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12-22-2014, 09:55 PM
HI I have just purchased a 3play 330 demo unit and have a few questions:
I know the software has not been updated past 1.02 way back in 2010, and I understand that the OS is Vista and that this version of the software is different than the current system.
So my questions are, how is the drive(s) storing the video configured? into a raid? how large are the drives? Sata? can the drives be upgraded to a larger size? I have some instances have long basketball tournaments that run several days and that it might be nice to produce a tournament highlight reel.
94 1080i is 60 or 59.94 the Atem is a bit pickey on the frame rate.

If I want to export all the feeds (as read??) then they are demuxed and individual files? is it possible to export the three streams demuxed into 3 files AND the output as a file that was the feed sent out with the single output. Perhaps a better way to ask the question If I choose 1 output mode, can I get from the HD basically 4 files the three original and the one final output file.

Can a removable drive be added to the system on a sata connection for faster transfer vs a usb external drive?

From exerience with the User interface what is a reasonable size monitor to use?

I could find very few questions re the 330 on the forum, anyone care to share experiences and things to look out for?

i am in Alaska, so we are pretty much on our own and tend to have systems a few generations behind

Thanks for any help