View Full Version : Free Dutch Skies 360 Extra Large (19 k hdr) and some other news

Bob Groothuis
12-18-2014, 04:29 AM

Several new stuff to share:

1) Free Dutch Skies 360 Extra Large (19 k hdr)

To celebrate the launch of my new website/online shop you can download ( Until 8 january 2015 ) the Free Dutch Skies 360 XL (Extra Large - 19 k hdr ):


2) Free upgrade for customers who bought in the past the Dutch Skies 360 Volume 1

Finished the final version of Dutch Skies 360 Volume 1 (now ready made 11k hdr's are included and even a extra super bonus a 19k XL sky!)

How to get the free upgrade: just send me a message through the contact page of the new http://www.dutch360hdr.com website. Please do not forget to mention the original order date + order number.

If you won a render contest (and you won the Dutch Skies 360 Volume 1) in the past you can also send me a message. Just tell me what contest and when.

Bottom line: please be patient. Need to spread to distribution over a couple of months the zipped file is 7 Gb!

There will be upgrades to in 2015 for Dutch Skies 360 Volume 2, 3, 4 & the Dutch Skies 360 Autumn Pack 01.

Its possible that for the upgrades for Volume 2, 3, & the Dutch Skies 360 Autumn Pack 01 will ask for a small amount of $ for the data transfer.

3) if you want to stay updated about future upgrades please join my social media channels or simply join the newsletter on my website. Will produce lots of new Dutch Skies 360 XL skies in 2015 plus some new other projects.

ps the free HDR's on my website are hosted on slower FTP hosting sites so please be patient. The commercial products are hosted on a speedy S3 Amazon FTP. Off course the download speed depends too on your internet provider.

Happy holidays & all the best for 2015!


Bob Groothuis

website: http://www.dutch360hdr.com

HDRI panorama photography for film & video,*VFX and more... from the Netherlands