View Full Version : Virtual Studio Tools - looking for recommended devices

12-09-2014, 06:01 AM
Having tried and failed to get access to the PlayStation Move.me software here in the UK
I'm looking for alternatives. I already use a SpaceNavigator and have a HID gamepad connected which is great for some things but really I need something closer to the PS3 Move wand thing for driving elements in Lightwave. Mostly for cameras and lights.

The best thing would be a solution that would take the relevant data from my phone (which I can attach to a steady cam smoothee) similar to the GripTools plugin for Cinema 4D. (I would rather get this set up in Lightwave than Cinema4D)
But I am open to any idea suited to a low budget and Mac version of Lightwave. I am also open to getting another games console and peripherals but only if it works this time. I already have a PS3 and bits, unused and gathering dust.

Many thanks :)

02-18-2015, 06:24 AM

I've also tried to get move.me but have been told it's only available in USA. EU can get the academic version, however in USA, the public version costs $99Like yourself I have a PS3, move controllers & PS3 EYE which are no use.
I have, however come across this piece of free software which may do the job, without additional hardware.

There is also another package (may have to pay for) called ACT Automatic Camera Tracking System,
It seems like they set camera points on your video footage so you can then add LW generated objects. Worth a look.