View Full Version : sIBL + Shadowncatcher / reflectioncatcher ?

12-08-2014, 09:14 PM
Hi all,

I just got into a little private project, after being away from Lw for a while. I'm really enjoying it :)

I hope one of you may help. I have a setup with a sIBL lighting set, and want to make a shadowcatcher/reflectioncatcher plane.
Sounds easy? Yeah... seems not.

So how do I make a shadowcatcher?
What I tried:

Shadowncatcher node
The Shadowncatcher node uses the background image to 'dissapear' into. Because SiBL uses a low res background image for lighting, this has no use...

So I tried to use a high-res image as background, but because SiBL looks at a sphere instead of the background, there's a mismatch:

So I tried using the same trick the sIBL shadowcatcher uses, with a surface with a lambert node fed into a color tool...
(and VPR and F9 looking very different :/ )


Then I thought to lose the shadowcatcher node, just make the thing 100% transparent and play with shadow and reflection nodes, and that went nowhere. Maybe I'm just too dumb with nodes, but I need to subtract one from another, and I can't get 'another'.... How do I get the 'camera view' to be mapped onto my polygon?

I also tried to use front image mapping, but since you're looking at the inside of a sphere, it's not a mapping type you can simulate with a simple texture...

So I'm lost!
What do I do now?


Tried that...

Any hints?