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12-07-2014, 01:57 AM
I was very happy to see the new overscan feature in LW2015 but it seems to behave differently as I hoped.

1 - VPR does not update its composition background image when Camera Width/Height has been changed. It only does that after a render (only checked F9).

2 - Positive Overscan values in OverW (only) will crop VPR, both horizontal and vertical. And it stays this way even after a F9 render.
3 - Negative Overscan values in OverW (only) will have no effect on VPR.
4 - OverH seems to have the right crop effect in VPR but has black borders (see also item #1) and it stays this way even after a F9 render.

5 - The most disappointing issue is that the frame aspect-ratio (,and/or image size, and/or pixel aspect-ratio) of the background image is not constrained. Instead, itīs always stretched to the renderoutput, including the overscan area.

If the Overscan functionality would have been able to that, it would have saved time and diskspace (+ added more flexibility) when you try to add 3D objects/3D scenes on top of backplates that do not match the project/pipeline frame size or if you want to be able to reframe for different platforms without losing references to backplates.
Match-moved + undistorted or not.

A "BG-image Contrain Source Aspect" checkbox or "BG-image Width- and Height fields" would be most welcome.
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12-07-2014, 02:18 AM
I posted about this as well, I'd like to know why VPR can't show the over scanned area. In the documentation it says that Limited region can't extend into the over scanned area but doesn't mention the same for VPR. Most of these new features need a quick video to introduce them, I keep checking the LW tutorials but so far there haven't been any new ones.

12-07-2014, 10:23 AM
Iīve sent issue #5 as a feature request.