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12-04-2014, 08:32 AM
Something very strange is happening with a scene I'm rendering via BNR 5.15. Has nothing to do with BNR, but LWSN. The scene has a 38,000 particle sim (paddles swiping particles at the bottom of a horizontal drum, pushing them out an exit chute... very simple set up actually). It's been baked to PFX and then scanned to MDD. DP Kit's MDD Emitter then replaces the PFX emitter so that I get single-pass motion blur. All is perfectly fine. Oh, I also added a DP Kit Spline Deformer to a coincident stack of 66 chain links to make/animate the drum's drive chain. The scene uses GI and so that was baked every 20 frames. No problem there, either.

The "problem" is that this scene renders just fine in Layout, taking 6 - 9 minutes/frame, but the same first frame and only the first frame (120 in this case, because the particle sim starts at frame 0 and takes 4 seconds to get up to speed) takes an HOUR and 48 MINUTES to render on all nodes (i7 4770). Thereafter, each frame renders normally in 6 to 9 minutes.

Thinking this was due to some network file/plugin access issue, I launched Layout installed on the host from one of the three remote machines (UNC paths in shortcut to executable and config dir.) and the first frame of the scene (120) rendered in 6 mins the same as Layout directly on the host. It's only rendering via LWSN that this excessive first frame render time happens.

Any ideas?

12-05-2014, 07:57 AM
>> "Sorry, Dean... we've got nothing. :-P"

OK, no problem... carry on. Strange is all. No time to test by deactivating the DP Kit nodes for the chain or MDD Emitter. So many more shots to layout and render in the next two weeks.