View Full Version : fog difference in VPR vs Final renderer

11-29-2014, 12:38 PM
Issues with fog not looking the same in final render and vpr in 2015 (donīt think this might be related to 2015 thoug, might just as well be the same in 11.6 but havenīt tested right now)

grabbed the mecha content from 2015, just fiddling with some volumetrics and lights, I changed the light to a point light with volumetrics and moved it slightly behind, removed the ground, then I added fog, with fog color texture...using realistic fog.

Now the VPR looks nice as it should, but the final render looks like it isnīt respecting the fog depth properly or something, anyone got any clue?
Check the mecha spiders joints and arms and how washed out grey they are in final render, as opposed to looking much better in the VPR.
srgb is the same in VPR and final render.

I suspect that it might have something do with final render and vpr not in tune when calculating min distance or max distance in the fog, or it can not evaluate the backdrop color texture gradient the same way?
Radiosity is on with montecarlo.



11-30-2014, 10:06 PM
nevermind trying to track this down, I will go through it more properly later, seems I got it right after a while to match vpr, just seems that vpr is the one that is actually not following the fog settings properly.
I tried to get back to my"error" but couldnīt get there..weird.