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11-29-2003, 01:21 PM
i've been trying to make good DVD's from the Speed Razor timeline (which exports mpeg-2's directly). these files play great on Media Player, but washed out and a bit grainy on my set top player, so i thought i would try the avi wrapper route.

i've downloaded avi wrapper, but it won't open saying, "the ordinal 111 could not be located on the dynamic link library nt_tools.dll". do i need to reinstall VT3 for it to see avi wrapper which was installed after VT3?

i tried loading an RTV (which had been captured in Speed Razor) onto the VT3 timeline. it loaded, and the video played back fine, but i heard no audio, even though i loaded the associated audio with the rtv file and saw the waveform.

once i get audio here, can i export into tmpgenc? i've heard there is a way to drop the VT3 edit project directly into tmpgenc. how is this done exactly?

i tried capturing with VT3, set up the deck, all previews well, but actual captures always are interrupted by "error writing file"

lots of questions, but i'm under the gun to get some good DVD's out by tomorrow (i think i've bought all the time i can from the client!!!)



Paul Lara
11-29-2003, 08:35 PM
The AVI wrapper you downloaded was from years ago. It will not work with VT[3].

With VT[3], simply go to VT-Edit's File "Save As" menu, and choose "*.avi" from the drop-down filetype menu.

Unless you're using Update 2, where AVI wrapper is having some problems. (NewTek is working on a fix for that post-haste.)

11-30-2003, 10:48 AM
Your errors when capturing are likely caused by either video drives that are too slow or (more likely) settings in preferences that are incorrect.
VT3 update 1 avi wrapper works just fine. Also, if you use TMPGenc it can load the project without problems regardless of what update you are using.

Tom Wood
12-04-2003, 06:04 AM
I just recently started encoding with TMPGEnc and it flat refuses to load the audio from an AVI wrapper file, what should I look for? Rendering out to a DV-2 works.



(VT3 Patch 1)

EDIT: Whoops, never mind, just load the project!