View Full Version : Relativity: Dr Follower Time Delay Control Object

11-28-2014, 06:38 AM
I'm using Relativity/DR Follower on quite a few objects to follow the motion of another item. Pretty straight forward. There's an "Optional time Delay Control Object" so I could use a null to change the offset of the animation with "Use Object Extension for Follow delay" on - gives me a nice rippled/offset animation.

It should be so simple but the Optional time Delay Control Object bit isn't being added to the final expression. Anyone know what I have to do to get this to work, or have an example of it so I can copy/paste into the correct channel.

Tearing my hair out, it should only take 10 secs to do but just seems broken. Grrrr....

11-28-2014, 07:14 AM
Heres what I've found. For some reason, it only seems to work by selecting an object/something with geometry - nulls don't get written to the equation(?). I've found the solution is to select an object from the drop-down (i.e., not a null) and when OK'd, replace the name of the geometry with the name of the null in the script window - then copy/paste script to others using the handy copy/arrow up/down functionality. Blimey :-/