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11-24-2014, 10:49 PM
As a broad point [putting LW 2015 to one side for the moment] a limited budget can have a conflict between hardware and software.

I tend to plump for the hardware approach. You use your hardware a lot more than any piece of software. Indeed, for a PC you might use it 100% of the time for work. It would be interesting if someone left lightwave at an early point such as 10 and chose to improve their hardware instead from then on. Surely hardware is the biggest increment gain for a quicker workflow. More RAM, a better processor, more cores - no software update can beat that.

I guess the most extreme approach would be to go totally free with software, e.g Blender, and only spend money on hardware and input devices such as a wacom. I almost did that once. But Blender had some limitations that stopped me going that way. But as Blender gets better maybe such a strategy will become more common.

Hardware? Software?

11-24-2014, 11:56 PM
no software update can beat that.

Of course it can.. When previous version was not optimal, speed can increase a lot more than difference between new cpu speed/old cpu speed.
But of course it's better to have new hardware with new (faster *) software.

*) new software can be (and usually is) slower. New features + old engine = slower working.

11-25-2014, 04:23 AM
Every new release of a soft like LightWave brings in enhancements to the code that usually goes way beyond what a new machine could give you.

Think for example about new PRMBlur in LightWave 2015 that is sometimes 2x faster than in LightWave 11.x and just ask yourself if you could get a 2x increase in performance with only 495$ of budget ? (except, of course if you have a 80386 running @16Mhz, in which case any new hardware, even the smallest one you can buy now would be more than 2x faster ! ;) )

As Sensei explained, i think the better combination is still to update the software as well as the hardware (self evident, i know ! :D), that way you end up with best of both world !
Not to mention that, in addition to the performance boost you get with new code, you get additional features with every new release. :)

Laurent aka Tartiflette. :)