View Full Version : filling box with dynamics, bullet etc. ?

11-23-2014, 04:37 AM

can you point me to a tutorial that shows how to fill a container with an object dynamically?
I like to fill the box in the screenshot with a bunch of spheres. Instead of making copies of the
sphere and place them by hand, I thought this could be done with particles and dynamics ?

Thanks in adveance.


11-23-2014, 07:30 AM
See: ftp://ftp.newtek.com/multimedia/movies/w3dw/dl_link.html?Cereal.mov

11-23-2014, 10:05 AM
Thanks Fadlabi,
that's what I needed.

11-23-2014, 04:35 PM
you could do it simpler with bullet though, just array your spheres in modeler(multiply/array) use offset type manual and know your distance between the parts, make the spheres as one object all spheres in one layer that is, make your box in modeler with thickness..save your objects, send box to layout, send spheres to layout, make box static, make spheres parts/convex pieces...hit play and watch.


11-23-2014, 05:37 PM
yep, you might find that old HardFX jitters a lot,
"stop by stabilizer" sometimes helps, sometimes not

i believe Bullet should do a much better job...

...let me re-phrase that, Bullet will do a much better job.