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11-20-2014, 12:33 PM
I'm doing a music video that takes place in post apocalyptic earth. I'm creating rooms that will have animated robots and trying to composite green screen characters. And I have satellite style orbs flying around in video footage. The overall question is -Are there any tutorials,books, anything that gives tips or how to do compositing of software created objects into real life video footage and vice versa?
Specific questions-
1.What are the keys to compositing a lightwave object into a video?-I've used color correct, blurs, masks in AfterEffects. I'm finding the more detail and research on an object helps a lot. Should I be using camera presets in lightwave to mimic footage(Canon 7D&60D-L series lenses&Panasonic HD video cam)?
2.I'll be upgrading my cameras, so what cameras and lenses are preferred for compositing(Full frame, red camera) if any? I want it to be believable.
3.I have these orbs flying around and I want the movement to be believable and I'm not there yet. What are tips for moving objects in video(specifically flying objects)?I use AE tracking but still looks phony?
4.In my Lightwave created lab I need the music video to be playing on the monitors. How can I have video play in a lightwave scene? This also would be helpful if I could play the video in lightwave while choreographing the movements of the orbs.
Any tuts or advice on compositing would be helpful.
5.I'm using Lightwave,AE,Motion4,FCP for this, any other plug-ins or software helpful?
I'll be asking a few more questions at a later date(especially UVs vs Surface Editor maps and procedurals). For now any compositing Tips would be appreciated. I've included some roughs on what I want.

11-20-2014, 02:00 PM
1. Make it look realism this videon is for photoshop, but AE is the same process.
The camera isn't important, the light and textures are..


2. ARI ALEXA :-) RED is okay, take a look at the BLACKMAGIC Portfolio, the knowledge to handle the camera is more important!!

3. AE has planar tracking. Syntheyes or PF Track is your friend.

4. Search for "corner Pin" in AfterEffects.

5. No Software or Plugin has a Button: make good movie

11-21-2014, 12:00 AM
Actually, AE has had 3D tracking for some time now. There are bunch of tuts on YouTube on AE 3D tracking and doing it with LW, along with sample videos.

11-21-2014, 03:50 AM
if u gonna use AE as 3D tracker - mamoworld has a nice script to keep everything around origin... dont overlook that script...helps alot..