View Full Version : Baked LW Hypervoxels play well with Fusion native volume tools

11-15-2014, 06:37 PM
Fusions volume fog tool can take an input which can be an image sequence, you can then translate this sequence into z space rather then time....

So a 50 frame image sequence would be 50 z slices of sprite sampling.

Since baked HV are exactly that (400x400x400 means 400pix square over 400 frames) they are essentially plug and play into Fusions toolset. Well they require quite a lot of gain....remember to do it on the alpha as well.

This leads to some interesting relighting and composting options for clouds particles ect

This test was done using 300 z slices, but only 16 light samples....that resulted in the flickering you see.
Object was a single 400x400 baked HV