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11-14-2014, 02:32 PM
1. If there is a need for 2-4 TalkShow units, is there also a need for 2-4 Monitors and 2-4 Keyboards? Or, is the software designed to operate multiple systems at the same time?
2. If the software can operate more than one unit, is there an upcharge for the multi-unit software option?
3. Are there any options, or accessories, not priced in the quoted price of the unit, besides the monitor and keyboard?
4. What type of support is available? in other words, what comes with the unit (forum, email, chat, phone)?
5. What is the warranty on the hardware? Is there extended warranty available for a fee?
6. I've seen a reference to the possibility that someone might have a TalkShow unit at the production site, but also have another unit at a second site, making the dialog between the TalkShow units better. I did not understand that. Could you explain the advantages, if any, if the interviewer and the interviewee both had a TalkShow unit (or if a larger production site and a smaller remote production site each had a TS unit)?

I think I am almost out of questions. I really appreciate all of your help. Thanks!

11-14-2014, 02:55 PM
1,2: The included Skype TX Control application, meant to be installed on an external 'master' system, can handle basic call connection chores for a huge number of Talkshow units from a single interface. It would be possible to run a show from this single interface, though it does not provide deeper access to all of the configuration options, nor some of NewTek's unique features (such as Talk Back). For that, you might need to provide either an external 'call-screener' solution, or some sort of KVM setup ...

3) Not at this time.

4, 5) I'll let someone in Sales or CS respond to these items.

6) This is certainly possible, though not required. The foremost advantage would be that you would be assured of a broadcast quality image in and out at both ends (HD-SDI), which is of course a good thing in view of the GIGO principle. Whether there are any inherent benefits in the Skype signal transmission between units or not, I'm not really sure. For 'related' studios or corporate installations, for example, it might make a world of sense. For others, perhaps not needed.

11-14-2014, 03:08 PM
Okay, everything makes sense except your use of the phrase "External Master System". Could you clarify? I'll take a stab at what I am guessing, but it is just that ... a guess at this point. Ready?
1. If I start with 1 unit, then I am assuming the Skype TX software (which includes the multi-unit TS capability) would run on the first TS unit. Is that correct?
2. Then, if a 2nd unit is added, then that same Skype TX software would be set-up/configured to view both units. And, since the software can control multiple units, there is not a need for a second or third monitor/keyboard/mouse. Is that correct?
3. Just to clarify, is there ever a time to have a separate, "non-working" TalkShow unit serving as a master system by itself, i.e., to handle basic all connection chores?
4. Finally, what would an external "call-screener" solution look like? Is that a dedicated PC/Mac? I am not familiar with a KVM setup.

BTW, I hope these questions are providing value for others; there are definitely beneficial to me. Thanks.

11-14-2014, 03:22 PM
The 'external master system' is a Windows 7 or 8 computer to run the Skype TX Control application on.

Skype TX Control is designed to run on a separate system from the TalkShow itself. The idea being that you a stack of TalkShow units in a equipment rack, but you might want to use a laptop in another location to control the TalkShow units. Skype TX Control has a different interface from what you get on the local TalkShow/Skype TX system itself. This interface is designed to control all of the TalkShow units from a single monitor.

A KVM is a box that allows you to share one monitor, keyboard and mouse between multiple systems. Here is one that will work for up to 4 units: http://www.blackbox.com/Store/Detail.aspx/ServSwitch-8482-DT-DVI-4-Port-with-Emulated-USB-Keyboard-Mouse/KV9614A

11-14-2014, 04:15 PM
Thanks, Kane. Does the Skype TX Control software have an additional cost, or is it software that is included when 2+ units are purchased? Thanks.

11-14-2014, 06:20 PM
Skype TX Control is included without extra cost, multiple unit purchases not required.

03-08-2015, 08:37 AM
Ok, you said a laptop can control the units. What are the requirements needed? Not sure I want a laptop. Do I copy over the TX control software via a flash drive?

03-08-2015, 09:27 AM
It can be any Windows 7 or 8.x PC (latop, desktop) to run Skype TX Control. Copy it over however you like (flash drive, network, internet email service).

I also saw a question earlier about support and warranty.

The system comes with a 1 year warranty and standard telephone support.

There is an option for ProTek coverage that will extent the warranty to two years, give you 24/7 phone support and next day replacement if a unit fails. ProTek can also be extended after the 2 years if desired.

04-24-2015, 12:15 PM
I did my first TalkShow install a month ago and it was pretty simple to get running with TC Mini. Nice! However, the client decided they wanted to move the TS box to another room for noise reasons (fans) and I did that yesterday. I found the "Skype TX Control" software installer on the TalkShow machine in the Skype folder, along with a .pdf doc. Copied them to another PC via thumb drive, no problems. However, I could NOT get the TX Control software to "see" the TalkShow. After much struggle, I found in the manual something about "Transport Security" and that all associated security credentials must be matching identically in both machines...beyond my pay grade...so I UNCHECKED the "Transport Security" boxes in both the TalkShow and TC Control interfaces (found under "Gear" icons), and it immediately began working...yeah!

So now the TalkShow resides at the other end of the building, with only power and network connected...no keyboard, mouse, or monitor. We just power it up, and then control it remotely from the edit PC sitting next to TriCaster in the studio. There is a catch - Newtek has ADDED some unique features to TalkShow not found on other Skype TX hardware, such as Color Correction, and those extra features are not accessible via the TC Control remote software, which handles only the "standard" Skype TX features (the Skype TX Control software comes from Skype/Microsoft, and NOT Newtek).

One can of course still connect a monitor, keyboard, mouse to the TalkShow unit to tweak special settings if needed, but not necessary for standard operation of managing calls which can easily be done remotely.

Hope these details help others and maybe save you a few hours ;-)

Jeff Pulera
Safe Harbor Computers

04-24-2015, 01:50 PM
Thanks for the info. The security option is on by default and that would require matching user/password account on both of the systems for them to connect. Turning this option off allows connections even if they don't match.

Also, for those of you at NAB, we showed a new version of Skype TX Control currently in beta. It offers access to more controls of the Skype TX software along with video previews of input and output signals of the video thru the interface. Another feature of this version is full integration of the Skype directory in the client, you can search for other users and send/accept Skype inventions.

Mary Driscoll
09-22-2015, 02:33 PM
Has anyone tried running Skype TX control on a Mac via Parallels running Win 7 or Win 8 - 8.1? A NewTek support person emailed to say that a customer could give it a try but it would not be a fully supported workflow. If anyone has tried it please let me know what your experience has been.