View Full Version : Merge cores into 1 virtual super CPU w/ virtualization?

Paul Brunson
10-21-2014, 06:27 PM
Just had this thought while (not so) patiently watching the bullet progress bar and seeing my cpu usage at 3% (have 16 cores, 32 thread machine).

In the web server world I've seen companies use virtualization to offer a 1 cpu machine with really high Ghz, like 16 ghz or something. It seems clear they're using virutalization to do this.

Does anyone know what virtualization software does this? And if so would it be possible to run lightwave on a virtual machine that has merged all of the computer cpus into 1 super cpu? Wouldn't it then be possible to get multi-threaded performance on a single threaded lightwave task, such as bullet?

Just a thought, probably not possible or lots of people would be doing it. But never hurts to ask and see if anyone knows more than me about it. :)