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10-18-2014, 09:08 PM
Hi all

I have made an object with a very clean map with no overlapping UVs and I noticed that the surface bake render was taking an unusually long time to render. I couldn't work out why, so I made a quick rough UV map using the Atlas method and it rendered much faster. I have noticed that it has happened with a few of my models, but not all.

Has anyone experienced this before. I have gone through the model very carefully checking for double overlapping polys etc and it is all clean. So the model is clean and the UV is clean. But for some reason the map I have created manually renders much slower (and I mean crazy slow).
This has been bugging me for a few days now and is really holding up my progress on a job.

Is it a bug, a corrupted file, or am I doing something wrong? I have been UV mapping for nearly 20 years, but not for lots of Surface Baking.

When I open the same file in Modo the different maps both render at the same speed.

Any help would be great guys!


10-18-2014, 09:14 PM
Have you seen Batch Baking Camera?
It's couple hundred percent faster rendering than Surface Baking Camera, not to mention other features..

10-18-2014, 09:32 PM
That looks very interesting, Sensei.

I remember a job years ago where we baked an entire environment for a game cinematic to speed up render times and the process was a real pain using the native surface baking tools. In fact, it took so much time and effort, we never bothered to bake full environments at that level in Lightwave again.

I'll think about picking up a copy to play around with it this week. I can probably use this for an upcoming production at work.


10-18-2014, 10:12 PM
That plugin looks great, do you know if they do a trial version? Can't see one.

10-18-2014, 10:24 PM
There is no trial.
Please see video tutorial

Batch Baking Camera rendered test scene (bridge occlusion pass for game) in 57 seconds, and Surface Baking Camera did it 159 seconds (280% faster).