View Full Version : TriCaster SD - On restart unit states "boot device has changed"

10-08-2014, 04:27 PM
Problem Description
When I (re)started TriCaster, it said that the boot device has changed. What causes that?

One known cause is if you booted TriCaster with a USB drive plugged in when powering up, and TriCaster attempts to load the operating system from this drive.

The solution is to go into the BIOS (by tapping Delete during boot-up).
Then go to Advanced BIOS and change the Hard Disk Boot Priority by ensuring the system hard drive (likely with a machine identification of ‘ST’ and numbers following) is listed as device number one.
Now press F10 to save the BIOS setting.
Press ‘Y’ to confirm the change and re-start TriCaster.