View Full Version : TriCaster XD Series- Setting Up Multiple Displays

10-03-2014, 05:31 PM
Applies to: TriCaster Duo, 100, Studio, Broadcast, XD300, XD450, XD850, and XD850 Extreme

Problem Description and Steps to Verify/Reproduce

This article walks you through setting up multiple displays on TriCaster.

Steps to Fix/Workaround

Begin by exiting the TriCaster software and getting to the Windows Desktop. In earlier models this is referred to as “Exiting to Admin” and in more recent models this is referred to as “Exiting to Windows”
At the desktop right-click and select nVidia Control Panel.

From the nVidia Control Panel select Multiple Displays located on the left-hand side.

To the Right on the panel, select the option “Configured independently from each other (Dual View)”
Exit the nVidia control panel and launch TriCaster. You should now have both monitors working.